Membership Benefits

Excellent Benefits to Membership of the RFVS,
our illustrious Society:
1. Access to cut price film of the RFVS Conference 2015.
2. Access to this FB group from end Feb 2016, so first to know of all up and coming events within and out with the RFVS. This gives you access to the best minds in the UK, NZ and USA in raw food.
3. On a list on the website as a member of the RFVS - will help with referrals
4. Access, in time to the website/FB group where we'll compile a database of relevant articles/papers.
5. Networking/coaching/seeing practice opportunities with members.
6. Being part of a movement to change, significantly, veterinary medicine over the next 20 years.
7. Back up, practical and moral support from other members.
8. In future, I can see us taking turns to do a blog post every fortnight or so?
9. Up to date news on all things raw in the UK and the world, including the BSAVA debate.
10. Learning, sharing developing knowledge on nutrition, raw feeding and related fields within veterinary medicine.

Please join. We need funds to drive the raw feeding campaign forward. Even if none of the above apply, donations are most welcome. Contact Morag Sutherland for how to join. Contact me for anything else. Thank you.

Nick Thompson, President.

Together we can be the change.

Want to join RFVS?

In order to join the RFVS, you must be a vet, vet nurse or vet tech.

As well as annual conferences and networking opportunities, we have an evidence orientated facebook page exclusively for RFVS members and an opinion/exchange forum for less formal interaction on facebook.

Come and see what we do for free for a month. If you would like to join we would ask for a small subscription to help with admin and conference costs.