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Are you Raw Curious?

Now available to watch on Vimeo

For only £60.26, we have approximately 5.5 hours of information broken into six videos, with amazing speakers including Dr Barbara Royal, Katie McCaul, Moddie Lambert, Dr Brendan Clarke, Dr Amaya Espindola, Dr Christian Vergara and Dr Neus Candela.

The Raw Feeding Veterinary Society's online event, 'Are You Raw Curious?' has been hugely popular, teaching the basics, how to learn to tell fact from fiction and to learn where to turn when you need more information.

You can watch it on your TV, computer, mobile or tablet on our Vimeo On Demand page.


Are You Raw Curious?

FREE Online Spring Event – 29th May 2021

We all have clients making this lifestyle choice for their pets and we all have a responsibility to have enough knowledge to discuss their choice respectfully.  We at least need to know how to be sure they are doing a good job and what advice to give if they are not.

Join us on Saturday 29th May 2021 for the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society's FREE online event to learn the basics, to learn how to tell fact from fiction and to learn where to turn when you need more information.

The event will be recorded for those whose time zone makes it difficult to participate live. Everyone who books will receive the recording which will be available to purchase after the live event. Details are sent to the email you used to register, please check junk and spam folder for the information.

Timetable of Speakers


Dr Barbara Royal

No really, what do you mean by raw food?
Barbara will explain the very important reason why we are holding this event, the benefits of raw feeding, the advantages of NOT cooking good food, the care that needs to be taken in storing, handling and preparing raw food and the changes that should be expected in raw fed pets.


Katie McCaul and Moddie Lambert

Raw Food - Finding a Balance
Feeding a balanced raw diet is one of the main concerns for many veterinary professionals. In this talk we will identify what we need to look for in a commercial raw diet  as well as how to ensure owners a feeding a balanced home made raw food.  We also look at feeding amounts and briefly look at life stages. The aim of this talk is to equip you with enough knowledge to support raw feeding owners.


Dr Brendan Clarke and Dr Amaya Espindola

Mixing it with the best of them . . . 
This is an introduction into how to get started from puppies to the elderly, from the well to the sick.  It IS possible to introduce them all to the most appropriate diet for good health.  Amaya is tagging along with Brendan to talk about how to introduce raw food to cats, not just the steps but to really understand how this can be an emotional process for the cat. 


Dr Nick Thompson

Raw Food and Disease Implications for People and Pets
In this short talk, I will cover the following questions:

  •  How safe is raw food?
  • Is it more or less risky than ultra-processed food?
  • What is RawSAFE?
  • How can RawSAFE improve the quality of commercial diets?
  • Are bacteria and parasites a problem in raw food?  Which ones?
  • Do people or pets get food poisoning from raw food?
  • In which scenarios should we NOT advise raw food for pets? eg immunosuppressed animals or owners or households with young children?
  • Should we isolate veterinary patients on raw food if they are admitted to hospital?

Dr Christian Vergara

Bones - The Polemic Issue in Raw Diets

We will discuss the use of bones in diet. Why they are so conflictive in the veterinarian world, which bones are for the diet itself and which bones are for recreational use?


Dr Neus Candela DVM

Raw Food and Disease: When It Is Suitable and When It Is Not
Fresh food is always best. The classic raw food approach is great and works for most pets but it must be modified in the face of certain health issues or disease. Dr Neus Candela will share her clinical experience and knowledge to help the clinician know when those changes are necessary.