Should you Create or Formulate? The Great Debate…

Should you Create or Formulate? The Great Debate…

With 6.5 hours of information gold from five leading experts in their field, and of course the debate, this is an amazing opportunity to learn.

Whether you sit firmly on the side of ‘Create’ or ‘Formulate’, or are even undecided, having just started your journey into species appropriate nutrition… this may be the series that sways you unexpectedly.

So sit back with a coffee and enjoy our 2021 Conference with:

  • Dr Ian Billinghurst BVSc(Hons), BScAgr, Dip. Ed.
  • Dr Charlotte Gray Vet MB MRCVS
  • Dr Roger Meacock BVSc MRCVS
  • Dr Barbara Royal DVM CVA
  • Dr Rebecca Brown BVSc ADH

And of course, the moment we have all been waiting for… The Great Debate! Where we find out what happens when five experts with very different views sit down to ‘discuss’ them!

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Should you Create or Formulate? The Great Debate…

Conference 2021

It’s finally here …


We look forward to welcoming you to The Raw Feeding Veterinary Society’s 7th International Conference on Saturday 6th November 2021 beginning at 11.30 GMT.

Whilst we remain online this year, we hope you will agree that we have an interesting new format to share with you. Every session will be available to you on demand if you buy your ticket in advance, but we hope that as many as possible will join us live.

We have five inspiring speakers, each of whom has recorded a fascinating presentation (see the programme below for details).  As we show each presentation, we will gather up questions via the chat facility and these will bit put to the speakers in a live q&a session.  Following the q&a will be a live debate between all five speakers, and we will all await the conclusion . . . !

Ticket sales close at 9am on Monday 1st November 2021 and you will receive your copy of the proceedings and the webinar link on Wednesday 3rd November.  Please ensure that you check the e mail address which you use for your ticket purchase.

How to join us…

Ticket sales will now close at 9am on Friday the 5th November 2021

Limited Tickets Available!

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