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RFVS Conference 2023: The Next Generation

rfvs conference 2023


ARYC was created for everyone who needs to scratch the surface of natural nutrition. Every year we host this event for everyone with a bit of interest on raw or fresh feeding animals.

Check our previous ones, available on Vimeo

Are You Raw Curious 2022

‘ARE YOU RAW CURIOUS?’ is an annual event, held by the RFVS, which is free, for one day only, in May.
This year we have the following 8 amazing speakers, (Vets and Professionals) and therefore 8 videos, full of incredible information for Vets, Nurses, pet owners, especially for those at the beginning of their journey, or, like the title suggest, are just curious about raw feeding.

More information –

  • Dr Barbara Royal – No really, what do you mean by raw food?
  • Katie McCaul & Moddie Lambert – Raw Food – Finding a Balance
  • Dr Brendan Clarke and Dr Amaya Espindola – Mixing it with the best of them . . .
  • Dr Nick Thompson – Food Safety & Canine Heath (emphasis on Microbiological Hazards)
  • Dr Christian Vergara – Bones – The Polemic Issue in Raw Diets
  • Dr Neus Candela – Raw Food and Disease: When It Is Suitable and When It Is Not

All videos are available on Vimeo to purchase.
All money raised goes back into the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society, which is a not for profit organisation, designated to the education and research of species appropriate feeding for our pets.

The presentations are given in English, but we have a set with English subtitles and a set with Spanish Subtitles.
*Please note subtitles are automated and therefore there may be minor errors.
*Please note that these (this year) are a repeat of 2021’s AYRC event, but with the added video from Dr Nick Thompson

Watch one lecture for £12.50 or watch all 8 lectures for only £59.95.

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Are You Raw Curious 2021

We all have clients making this lifestyle choice for their pets and we all have a responsibility to have enough knowledge to discuss their choice respectfully. We at least need to know how to be sure they are doing a good job and what advice to give if they are not.

Here are the videos from the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society’s online event teaching the basics, how to learn to tell fact from fiction and to learn where to turn when you need more information.

Watch one lecture for £12.50 or watch all 6 lectures and for only £59.95.

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Every year we host our RFVS conference to bring professionals from all over the world to talk about their raw feeding nutrition expertise.

If you would like to be a part as attendee or you want to share your knowledge as Speaker, please contact us


Conference 2022

Available Now!

Conference 2018

Watch one lecture for £3.99 or the entire series for £15.

This short promo video here gives a brief taster of the day (2018), the speakers and their talks.

Conference 2021

Watch one lecture for £32 or watch all 5 lectures and ‘The Great Debate’ for only £140.

6 videos, with 6.5 Hours of amazing information from leading experts in their fields!

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Conference 2017

Watch one lecture for £2.99 or the entire series for £10.

Conference 2020

Watch one lecture for £20 or the entire series for only £100 over on Vimeo.

9 videos, with over 7 hours of incredible lectures.

Conference 2019

Watch one lecture for £4.99 or the entire series for £24.95.


Responsible Raw: Trust ME, I’m a Vet

Dr Christian Vergara – Microbiome Part 1

Also Available In Spanish On Vimeo

Why a Raw Diet is Good for Dogs

Dr Christian Vergara – Microbiome Part 2

Also Available In Spanish On Vimeo