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Location: Ilkley, UK

We are really excited to invite you to The Raw Feeding Veterinary Society’s 9th  International Conference, which is being held in a beautiful town in the middle of Yorkshire, Ilkley.

On SATURDAY 11th NOVEMBER 2023, we will be gathering at Craiglands Hotel for a wonderful day of thought provoking and informative lectures, all around the topic of raw feeding future generations of dogs and cats . 

A new event for this year will be the PRESIDENT’S GALA DINNER where we will be entertained by none other than our very own President – see her latest project herefor a taste of how great this evening is going to be.

All the speakers will answer questions live in a Q&A SESSION at the end of the day.

This event will also be live STREAMED ONLINE and will be available to watch at a later date for anyone who buys a ticket, whether or not they attend the live event in person or on line.

rfvs conference

Gut Microbiota of Puppies from Birth to Weaning

Christian Vergara
With a decade of unwavering commitment to canine nutrition and six years of expertise in microbiomics, he stands as the pioneering veterinarian in Chile to formally educate the global community on the subject of raw diets for pets. He has been a featured speaker in numerous university lectures across the nation, stressing the importance of his fellow colleagues broadening their understanding of pet nutrition—a specialty that regrettably remains largely overlooked and underexplored.

Probiotics: A Pill for All Ill?

Conor Brady
Dr. Conor Brady, BSc, PhD in Animal Behavior, embarked on a distinguished career journey following his college years. He dedicated five years to guide dogs, where he served as a pup supervisor and guide dog trainer, initially in Ireland and later in Perth, Australia. During his time in Australia, he had an epiphany regarding the remarkable benefits of raw feeding for canines, marking a pivotal moment in his career, a decade and a half ago. Since that revelation, Dr. Brady has spent the majority of his professional life as a dedicated writer, speaker, and advocate for natural canine feeding and overall health. A substantial body of his work can be explored on his website, www.dogsfirst.ie. For those inclined towards a deeper dive into the subject, his 2020 book, 'Feeding Dogs: Dry or Raw? The Science Behind the Debate,' has garnered recognition as the top-rated manual on canine nutrition by some esteemed sources, such as Book Depository and Amazon.co.uk. Residing in Wicklow, Ireland, Dr. Brady shares his life with his wife, Elaine, and their two daughters, Holly and Zoe. He proudly plays the role of a father to a charming yet idiosyncratic blue roan cocker spaniel named Dudley. What Dudley may lack in intellectual prowess and finesse, both he and Dr. Brady compensate with unwavering determination, a shared trait that characterizes their companionship.

Why is it Important that Veterinarians are Able to Discuss Nutrition with Pet Owners?

Gemma Levy
I obtained my degree from Surrey Vet School in 2021 and currently serve as a small animal veterinarian in London. My enduring passion for nutrition underscores its significance within our veterinary practice. During my university tenure, my dissertation centered on raw diets, exploring the perspectives of both pet owners and fellow veterinarians concerning raw feeding. I am presently pursuing a Small Animal Medicine Certificate, with the intention of seamlessly amalgamating this expertise with my fervent interest in nutrition.

Best Start for Puppies

Brendan Clarke
Dr. Brendan Clarke, a distinguished graduate of London Vet School in 1994, boasts a quarter-century of dedicated service in the field of general veterinary practice. In 1998, he assumed leadership of Towerwood Vets as a partner. His commitment to the profession further extended into administrative roles, as he took on the position of Secretary for the regional branch of the British Veterinary Association (BVA), known as the Yorkshire Veterinary Society, in 2002, ultimately attaining the esteemed role of President in 2014. Throughout his career, Dr. Clarke's contributions were not limited to regional representation. Between 2007 and 2014, he held the distinction of being the inaugural BVA regional representative for Yorkshire and Humberside, a testament to his dedication to the advancement of veterinary practice. Dr. Clarke's profound belief in the crucial role of nutrition in animal health and welfare is underscored by his extensive experience in general practice. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, offering guidance and overseeing clinical cases concerning biologically appropriate nutrition for both feline and canine companions.

A Functional Medicine Approach to Preventative Care for Pets

Matthew Muir
Dr. Matthew Joseph Muir, a distinguished graduate of Charles Sturt University in 2010 with first-class honors, has demonstrated a deep commitment to the field of veterinary medicine. His academic journey included a year-long field research project investigating the pivotal role of the microbiome in sub-clinical health. Dr. Muir currently occupies two notable positions: as the Clinical Director at All Natural Vet Care in Sydney and as the Co-founder and Head of Product Development at Lyka Pet Food. His extensive postgraduate training spans Acupuncture, Western Herbal Medicine, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Chinese Food Therapy, and Sustainable Food Development. Dr. Muir's primary areas of expertise revolve around preventative medicine, wholefood nutrition, the intricate relationship between the intestinal microbiome and the Gut-Brain Axis, Functional Gastroenterology, and Integrative Oncology. Beyond his involvement in companion animal medicine, he exhibits an unwavering passion for conservation medicine, planetary health, and sustainable agriculture. Prior to the challenges presented by COVID-19, he dedicated his time and expertise as a volunteer at the Taronga Wildlife Hospital.

Best Start for Kittens

Amaya Espíndola
Dr. Amaya Espíndola, MRCVS, is a versatile individual who has thrived in various fields, including veterinary medicine, music, coaching, and entrepreneurship. Established in Madrid in 2013, Felvet serves as her leading venture. Over the past year, she has found her base in Mallorca, Spain, a place where she has become nurturing space to unlock her full potential. With a unique perspective, Dr. Espíndola explores unconventional methods to further her understanding of feline behaviour, all in pursuit of promoting a gentle approach to cat well-being. Her mission is to rekindle cats' innate instincts while sharing insights with pet owners about the profound bond between humans and cats. This connection, she believes, has the potential to bring enrichment to our daily lives.

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We are excited to announce that this year’s conference will also have a Special Dinner Party with Music Show hosted by our President, Amaya Espíndola.

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Craiglands Hotel, Ilkley, UK

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