Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Setting the Stage for Success
  • Our Engaging Stand: A Gathering Point
  • Empowering Through Education
  • Addressing Concerns and Misconceptions of Species Appropriate Nuturition
  • ‘Raw Feeding: An act of insanity or common sense?’
  • RawSAFE Ltd 
  • A Resounding Response to Raw Feeding
  • Continuing the RFVS Raw Feeding Legacy 
  • Conclusion
  • How you can help us…


As you may be aware, we attended the London Vet Show in November 2022 and we are thrilled to be able to share our remarkable experience with you, as we rally to be able to attend this year via a crowdfund

We will admit, we were hesitant at first, joking that we would need flak jackets and tin hats, but were overwhelmed with the enthusiasm, making our stand a hub of activity and sparking meaningful conversations within the veterinary community.

In this article, I will recount our journey and the positive outcomes we witnessed at the London Vet Show and here are a few of the amazing comments we noted:

 “I have lots of clients who are raw feeding and I don’t know enough about it to help them”

Setting the Stage for Success

We have known for a long time that we need to attend the major vet CPD events so that we can connect with our professional colleagues, but unfortunately their fees are beyond what we have been able to achieve. 

The London Vet Show provides an unparalleled platform for industry professionals to come together, and thanks to the generosity of our Affiliate members, we were able to seize the opportunity to showcase our perspective on raw feeding, a species appropriate diet that has gained momentum among pet owners seeking optimal nutrition for their beloved companions. 

Thank you to our Affiliates that sponsored our attendance at the London Vet Show 2022.

Bella & Duke, Paleo Ridge, Natural Instinct, Leucillin, Albion, Karnlea, Ingenious Probiotics

Our Engaging Stand: A Gathering Point

At the London Vet Show, our RFVS stand was small but mighty… designed to captivate attendees and facilitate informative discussions, or do battle. 

Through a stroke of luck, (an unhappy vegan pet food stand just opposite us) we managed to double our space, as they decided they needed to be moved.

As you can see from the photos, we were very grateful as we often overtook the whole corridor with our team (knowledgeable vets and Affiliates) eagerly engaging with visitors, answering their questions, and providing evidence-based information.

Empowering Through Education

In addition to our engaging stand, we organised a series of educational seminars, aimed specifically at questioning and curious veterinary professionals attending the show (which will be available to watch very soon, and will be linked here).

Our current President, Dr Amaya Espindola, a vet specialising in Feline Medicine and Nutrition delivered a wonderful presentation ‘Raw Feeding: An act of insanity or common sense?’ which was so well attended, she was asked to present again.We were thrilled to witness the genuine curiosity and eagerness displayed by attendees as they immersed themselves in our seminar.

LVS stand
Presentation Crowd
Amaya and Brendan

‘Raw Feeding: An act of insanity or common sense?’



Dr Amaya Espindola covers:
Pet Guardians today
– Vets today
– Being the Change
– Nutrition, it’s not simple, nor is it complicated
– AAFCO Nutritional Protocols
– Some vets’ concerns about raw feeding
– A number of research papers and studies
– What can we do as vets, to ensure our raw fed patients are receiving adequate nutrition?
– What questions should vets be asking
– Supportive guidance
And lots more!

Addressing Concerns and Misconceptions: Species Appropriate Nuturition

One of our primary goals at the London Vet Show was to address concerns and misconceptions surrounding raw feeding head-on. We understand the importance of dispelling myths and offering a well-rounded perspective based on scientific evidence.

Throughout the event, we engaged in open and respectful conversations, answering questions about potential risks, nutritional requirements, and practical considerations of implementing a raw feeding diet.

By providing evidence-based information, we effectively countered misinformation and fostered a greater understanding of the benefits of raw feeding.

RawSAFE Ltd 

RawSAFE is the first independent accreditation of its kind and was created to ensure that pets and working dogs across the UK are fed the best and safest possible raw food through independent auditing.

RawSAFE partnered with us, to ensure we could attend the show and helped us man our stand, engaging with attendees and providing informative information and leaflets e.g. their ‘From Delivery to Dish flyer’. 

We also took the opportunity to meet with the independent auditors for RawSAFE, Eville & Jones, the leading UK based meat and food hygiene inspectors who are all highly qualified and experienced veterinary surgeons. 

For more information on RawSAFE click here, and keep an eye our for RawSAFE accredited manufacturers with this symbol:

RawSAFE Logo
Eville and Jones

A Resounding Response

Our participation at the London Vet Show was met with resounding success and positive engagement from an array of veterinary professionals. The footfall at our stand was constant (we are so grateful to our friends for bringing us coffee to keep us going), with numerous visitors seeking guidance and information.

The trust and confidence that attendees placed in us were deeply gratifying, as it validated our dedication to promoting raw feeding as a responsible and viable choice for pet nutrition.

Continuing the RFVS (Raw Feeding) Legacy 

The success we experienced at the London Vet Show 2022 has further solidified our need to attend major veterinary events, and we are currently crowdfunding to attend the London Vet Show, the British Small Animal Veterinary Association Congress and the British Veterinary Nursing Congress. 

The funds raised will enable us to cover the costs associated with our participation, ensuring that we can continue promoting the importance of raw feeding and providing valuable resources for pet owners and veterinary professionals.


We hear every day from pet caregivers who are feeding a species appropriate diets, but feel criticised by their vet. We want our professional colleagues to feel educated and empowered, so that they are able to support their patients using real food.

Reflecting on our journey to the London Vet Show 2022, as a small team, with amazing support and voluntary time from our professional colleagues, it fills me with immense pride and satisfaction to see how far we have come. Our engaging stand, educational seminars, and open discussions allowed us to dispel myths and address concerns surrounding raw feeding. The overwhelmingly positive response we received from attendees underscored the growing interest in alternative dietary choices for pets and the importance of continued dialogue within the veterinary community.

How you can help us…

Could you spare a small donation right now? All funds donated via this crowdfund will exclusively be used for us to attend important veterinary events.

You will be making a real difference to our mission by your generosity  AND you might be the lucky person to win the draw from those who have donated and invite to our international conference in Ilkley on Saturday 11th November 2023 as our guest.The draw will take place on 30th September 2023, donations made after this date won’t be eligible for the draw.

If you are a veterinary professional, a nutritionist, a behaviourist, a chiropractor, osteopath or physiotherapist, a Bowen Therapist, a Galen Myotherpist, a massage therapist or any professional working to support pet health, we’d love to have you join us as a professional member.  You can see the benefits you gain here.

Are you a manufacturer of a species appropriate diet?  Then please consider joining as an affiliate member, via this link .

We truly appreciate your time reading our request for help, and wish you and your pet the very best of health and nutrition for many years to come.